The first album  Le Gor «Scenary №1»  out in the spring of 2009.

Some lyric of the songs which have entered into an album, have been written for a long time and waited for the hour. But they have appeared actual for today (I think, and for tomorrow too). Work on an album in «Wolk Recording Studio» (Riga, Latvia) was conducted about two years.

We are tried using music for creating certain mood and inform to listeners sense of music and lyrics that all together caused "jimjams". So looks like it was successfully done.
In advance always it is difficult to know, the song will be pleasant to listeners or not. But, working over an album, we felt (even knew well) that the part from them will be hits.
Difficulties have arisen with definition of musical style. As a result have come to a conclusion that the album unites some styles: Rock, Pop Rock, Soft Rock, Power Ballad, Progressive Rock.

Many thanks to all who expressly or by implication took part in work on an album!

Alexander Volk!
Thanks for professionalism, for amazing working capacity, enthusiasm for business and for your talented finds!

Igor Volk (the owner «Wolk Recording Studio», the sound producer)!
Thanks you for a professional advice, for the qualitative approach to material record!

I am very grateful to all musicians participating in this project!
Peteris Asbahs, Rock`n`Roll band «Keksi» (Zintis Zhvarts, Edward Raubishko, Sandris Skeranskis, Uldis Ziedinsh) and Dinara Rudan!
Thanks all of you for qualitative and professional work!
The sincere gratitude and respect is deserved by mastering-engineer Tom Coyne ( «Sterling Sound». New York, USA) for the professionalism. 
                                                                 Le Gor  "Scenary №1".    

   1. Tender Verse.
   2. Begin Again.
   3. Lullaby for Adults.
   4. Spring Aches For You.
   5. Missing A Beat.
   6. Romantics.
   7. The Beast.
   8. I Used To Dreaming.
   9. Write To Me.
   10. Nobody Is Guilty.

   2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 (music and lyrics - Igor Leitsonok).
   1, 3, 4, 6  (m
usic - I.Leitsonok/ A.Volk,  lyrics  - I.Leitsonok).
   Igor Leitsonok: Lead Vocal (1- 10).
   Alexander Volk: Back Vocal (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10),
(1- 10),
(1, 4, 9),
                           Bass Guitar
(1, 2),
(1- 10),
                           Sound Programing (1- 10).

   Dinara Rudan : Back Vocal (8, 9).
   Peteris Asbahs: Guitar (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10).

Roll band «Keksi»: Zintis Zhvarts - a saxophone (5),
Edward Raubishko - a saxophone (5),
Sandris Skeranskis - a trumpet (5),
Uldis Ziedinsh - a trombone (5). 
   Alexander VolkSound producing, arrangement and the mixing. It is recorded  and mixed at «Wolk Recording Studios». Riga, Latvia. 
   Mastering: Tom Coyne. «Sterling Sound» . New York, USA.